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Implementation Plan of Overseas Tea Warehouse Plan

1. Creation purpose

The purpose of establishing overseas tea warehouses in global sub regions is to create a docking window from domestic production to global regional consumer markets, and truly realize the terminal docking of tea products. It provides a platform for the research on the laws of global regional tea consumption in the early stage. At the same time, organize Chinese tea people to go abroad to investigate business.

2. Organization method

(1) Tight type. Rely on the existing tea companies to create an export consortium, and cooperate to go out and establish an overseas tea warehouse with a partnership mechanism.

(2) Cooperative. Support Chinese tea companies to establish overseas directly. Domestic enterprises can participate closely or cooperatively. It can be invested or supplied. It can help agent sales. Anyone who is conducive to cooperation can participate.

(3) Service oriented. Provide import and export customs declaration and international transportation services, foreign exchange settlement services, brand communication and exhibition services. Provide business invitation and investigation visit services for business investigation. Provide relevant personnel training services.

3. Function

(1) Window. Spread Chinese tea culture and Chinese tea brands, build a window for overseas tea lovers to learn about "Chinese tea", and develop a platform for supply and demand cooperation.

(2) Sales. We will do a good job in sales, strengthen the integration innovation of matching, subpackaging and sales for overseas customers, and build a comprehensive tea sales platform.

(3) Exhibition and sales. Acting as an agent or assisting enterprises to participate in exhibitions overseas.

(4) Services. On the basis of goods trade, the overseas tea warehouse platform will hold a series of activities to organize enterprises to carry out business investigation. Help design global brands, and use global new media to promote local, regional, enterprise and product brands.

(5) Promotion. Overseas tea warehouses are responsible for organizing the global dissemination and promotion of Chinese tea brands, product exhibitions and sales. Carry out cooperation among enterprises.

4. Construction plan

(1) Phase I: establish overseas tea warehouses in North America. It was established in Canada and the United States. At present, the overseas tea warehouses in North America operate rapidly and are becoming an important platform for Chinese tea to enter Beijing.

(2) The second phase: establishing overseas tea warehouses in Europe. It was established in Spain, Germany and other countries.

(3) The third phase: establishing overseas tea warehouses in Africa. It was established in Nigeria and other countries.




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